Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Electronics are updated so quickly that it’s often difficult for you to get the latest screen protector from the manufacturer right away. Also, customizing a batch of a particular model of cell phone screen protectors creates a common inventory backlog problem. No worries! Our film cutter machine can cut all kinds of protective films on demand, which is a good solution to the above two major problems.

  • Self-developed Dual-blade Mode creates diverse films

    Self-developed Dual-blade Mode creates diverse films
  • Our machine can cut protectors for devices up to 16 inches

    Our machine can cut protectors for devices up to 16 inches
    Solving the Problem of Excessive Inventory

    Multiple Electronics, 1 Solution

    Lensun screen protector machines are capable of cutting various sizes of electronic products such as screen protectors, cell phone back skins, lens protectors, tablet screen protectors, and smartwatch protectors on demand. With our smart film cutting machine, you can quickly customize screen protectors and personalized back stickers to fulfill your market needs at any time.


    Smart Watch

    Tablet PC

    Tablet PC





    P02 1 S02 1不同型号的切割模板
    Be A Step ahead and Seize Your Market

    10000+ Models with Rapid Update

    So far, our database has accumulated 25000+ cutting templates for 3,000+ electronic products. But Lensun didn’t stop there. We follow global electronics developments and update the cutting templates for a new model within 12 hours of its release. By doing so, you greatly reduce the time cost and risk of mass customization of new cell phone films from a manufacturer.
    Customizable, Good for Marketing

    Lensun DIY App

    Lensun has developed a mobile APP ourself, so we can add or modify the APP functions according to your needs. Besides, our design team can design different patterns according to your needs, which are usually updated to the database within 12 hours.


    With our APP, you can also trace back cutting data. Analyze the cutting data and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, thus increasing your sales.

    P02 1 S02 2DIY功能展示

    Fast and Safe Cutting in 30 Seconds

    Self-developed System

    We have developed our machines with a strong focus on operator experience and safety. Our machines are equipped with infrared sensors that automatically feed and export films for safety and efficiency. All you need to do is open our DIY app, connect your device, and the screen protector will be cut in 30 seconds.

    Lensun CustomizPro+ Series








    with Tablet


    CustomizPro+ Lite


    LS301DCustomizPro+ Lite with Tablet
    CustomizPro+ Max



    CustomizPro+ Max

    with Tablet

    Model LS202 LS202D LS301 LS301D LS203 LS203D
    For Devices up to 13 inches 13 inches 11 inches 11 inches 16 inches 16 inches
    Mobile Phone APP
    Cutting Record
    Max Cutting Width 240mm 240mm 200mm 200mm 290mm 290mm
    More… More… More… More… More… More…

    Peer machine


    Lensun CustomizPro+


    Original Dual Blade Mode

    Max. Film Width 240mm

    For Devices Up to 13 inches

    AC100~240V, 50/60Hz 2.0A

    24V 2.75A DC

    During the Whole Production Process

    We Leave No Detail Untouched

    Strict Raw Materials Sourcing
    p021 s03 img001
    Rigorous Incoming Inspection
    p021 s03 img002
    Meticulous Machine Assembling
    p021 s03 img003
    Full-scale Trial Run
    p021 s03 img004

    Proven Products. Happy Clients.

    Unboxing Lensun CustomizPro+

    To show you what the function of Lensun CustomizPro+ intelligent screen film cutter is and how it helps.

    Unboxing Lensun CustomizPro+

    It’s quite easy to set up the machine and get started quickly. Cut on demand and no overstock issue.

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    If you’re looking for something to protect your gadgets which is really a must these days. Choose Lensun.

    Product Reviews

    I like it a lot; It turned out quite nice and it’s more resistant than those are sold in the market.

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