Lensun Innovation

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Innovation Leads the Protective Film Industry

Lensun believes that innovation creates a better life and future. Thanks to the close cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the industry, we boast a strong innovation capability. Based on new trends in the industry and novel ideas from our customers, our R&D department upgrades our film cutting machines and develops front films with new functions and back stickers with new processes and designs.

Innovations That Set Us Apart

Lensun Original Dual-blade Mode

In response to the evolving needs of the industry, we have also continued to upgrade our screen protector cutting machines. Our film cutters are equipped with a dual blade that is capable of cutting mobile devices protectors with more complex designs. Currently, this technology is only available on our machines in the industry.

Self-developed Mobile App

To achieve more convenient operation, we have innovated our own mobile app. Just select the template on the app, and you can easily finish cutting the cell phone protective film in about 30 seconds. Now, more than 10,000+ templates are in our App, which is applicable to 3,000+ models of devices.
You can also give feedback directly through the app and then get a quick response from us. In addition, our R&D team can add and modify APP functions according to your specific needs.

New Function Films for Attracting More Audiences

In the development of the front film, we started with the material. By developing new materials, we can bring more protection functions to different sizes or models of electronic products. Obtaining active cooperation from upstream, we develop a new functional film every six months according to market demand.

Open Your Market with Creative Back Films

 For cell phone back stickers, we will innovate in the production process and introduce a new back film every quarter. At the same time, a new batch of pattern designs will be updated on APP every month. If you have a personalized pattern request, we will update the template of your pattern design to your app within 12 hours of receiving the request. With our extensive library of back skins and powerful customization, you can quickly attract more attention.

Our Retail Packaging Design Is Also Outstanding

We can also help you customize the outer packaging of your retail cell phone screen protectors. The retail packaging design of Lensun Nano Film won IF DESIGN AWARDS 2018. Leave it to us and boost your retail business.

We Are Open to the 3rd Party Organizations

Lensun is supportive and open to R&D labs, designer studios, large R&D institutions, university labs, etc. We are happy to apply your R&D works of materials, machines, software and design to actual products. Cooperate with us and bring your R&D to market, benefiting people around the world.

Join Us and Lead the Custom Digital Device Protection Film Market!